Darlin'lil'dolls Socrates


Color: blue mitted (a3304)

Date of birth: 26.09.2012

Sometimes I think that Socrates is not just a cat. He's my friend who always knows what I feel and think. My kids adore him! He always very relaxed and ready for any games with my kids. Socrates has a gentle nature. He has very blue eyes, beautiful fur, strong body, very good weight (7kg). We have high hopes for this boy. We waited for him with trembling and very happy that he is with us. We are happy to have this boy in our house! He will always remain with us! He is the first! He is the only! Thank you very much Gail Arthur!


Darlin'lil'dolls Sultan Suleiman


Color: seal mitted (n3304)

Date of birth: 10.06.2013

Suleiman divinely beautiful! His first show and participated in the ring kittens brought him first place out of 46 kittens. I was pleasantly surprised! My eyes were full of tears of happiness! Our sweetest Suleiman has the most friendly character in the world. His coat is very soft and pleasant to the touch. Suleiman has a very sweet face and a very strong chin. He has a very large body and strong legs. I am very grateful for Gail Arthur that she sent this boy to me. Thank you, my dear Gail!

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